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About ESL Reader from Redmond Labs

ESL Reader is a web service for people who want to improve their English in a fun and natural way.

More than a billion people in the world are trying to learn the English language. They are doing this because being able to read, write, and speak good English leads to better jobs, higher self-confidence, better educational achievement, and better life in general.

Don't believe me? Watch Jay Walker, the founder of, explain this phenomenon.

"English Mania", Jay Walker, TED 2009

Tough act to follow, right? But please do continue reading further...

The most common way that someone living in a non-English speaking country comes in contact with the English language is through newspapers and websites. Many people read English news and websites on a daily basis to learn about the world - current events, politics, the economy, sports, entertainment, and so on. ESL Reader takes advantage of this, by providing language help and exercises integrated into this natural and regular activity.

In the world of e-learning, people have experimented with many interestings ideas over the years. Some ideas work and some don't. But again and again, there are some basic principles that keep popping up.

ESL Reader is based on these basic principles:

Well, you might say, "Principles are fine, but how you bring them out is what really matters." So here is how the basic principles have been converted into features of the ESL Reader service.

ESL Reader list of features:

Of course, ESL Reader is still in the early stages. Some of these ideas are still under development and more are on the horizon. The evolution will continue for a while.

But let us get to the most important point.

You, the reader, are the most important piece of this puzzle. Please give ESL Reader a try and let us know what you think at It is your feedback that will really help this service achieve its potential. Also, if you like the service, please let your friends know. Thank you.
- Vin Bhalerao (More about me)