It's fun and simple!
  1. Start by clicking on a news article below.
  2. Get help with TOEFL / SAT vocab words while reading.
  3. Take a quiz after you are done reading.
Want to use it on any web page anywhere?
  1. Add the ESL Reader bookmark to your browser.
  2. Go to any web page and click on the bookmark.
News / blog publishers:
Increase your traffic and user engagement using the ESL Reader Widget.

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ESL Reader from Redmond Labs - API for Online Publishers and RSS Feeds

Widget for Online Publishers:

If you are an online publisher (newspaper, blog, or any other website with reading content), we have the ESL Reader Widget for you that you can embed directly into your web pages and customize to your requirements. Adding this widget to your pages allows you to:
  • Increase reader appeal and engagement by providing language help, fun quizzes, and games in the context of your pages
  • Expand your audience to include casual and formal English students (incl. SAT / TOEFL etc.), word game enthusiasts, and the ESL demographic in general
  • Students and word game enthusiasts are likely to visit your site regularly and stay longer
  • Some ESL Reader features can be customized to increase referrals to the site and cross-linking of pages within the site
  • Last, but not the least, adding ESL Reader to your site means you are helping the cause of education and improving understanding among culturally diverse populations

Adding the ESL Reader Widget to your pages is easy!

Simply add the following HTML snippet to all of your pages that have reading content. Place it in a prominent location on the page and style it appropriately so that it makes it easy for your users to see the ESL Reader link:

<a href="javascript:(function(){
        var ddscript = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
        ddscript.type = 'text/javascript';
        ddscript.src = '';
>ESL Reader</a>, which is one of the oldest and highest traffic websites for ESL, is currently using the ESL Reader Widget to enhance their pages.

You can see it in action on any page on their site that has reading material, such as news articles or essays. For example, got to any of the articles listed on or, and you will see ESL Reader link on the right hand side of the page. Click on that link to invoke ESL Reader on that page.

Here are some additional demo pages we have created:

In each case, look for the "ESL Reader" link in the top banner of the page and click on it:

If you are interested in more information about the ESL Reader Widget and web API, please contact us at

ESL News RSS Feeds:

You can also add these feeds to your feed reader or blog. These feeds contain all the current news items in the ESL Reader news pages.